Wk1 – Classmate Conversation – Moreen Meng

Week 1:

In class today I spoke with Moreen Meng. She was super friendly and I learned in our short time talking that she was a nutrition major, is now a declared child development major, and is looking into psychology as well. She’s from Sacremento so she resides in the Beachside off campus dorms. Moreen works on campus in the CBA building in the access lab, seasonally at home back in Sacremento, and eventually wants to maybe work with child therapy or something in the social work field in the future. She was born in France, can speak French, obviously English, and is Cambodian and Chinese. Moreen told me she is double-jointed which allows her to be very flexible, has 6 piercings, and if she isn’t at school or work- then she is most likely watching Netflix. Her favorite Netflix shows are How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, One Tree Hill, and Friends. Her favorite foods are sushi and pasta, but really who doesn’t love pasta! It was really nice talking to someone that was so friendly as my first classmate convo in this new class. Looking forward to this semester!

(find her here! Moreen’s blog)IMG_1060.JPG


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