Wk1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

This first art activity was so exciting! I went to Seal Beach with my dorm friends on Saturday and it was the perfect weather for a quick beach day after all the dreadful rain. Instead of doing a simple handprint, my friend Lorraine, pictured above in the red, suggested that I do a “rock on” hand sign. Taking her creative advice I did that hand gesture and another peace sign motion too, just in case one of the molds failed to turn out properly. The process was fun to do, but the wet sand being poured atop my hand felt gross! The waiting process of 20-30 min was easily passed while laying out and listening to some good “beach” music with my friends. When it came time for the big reveal, I was honestly so surprised that the molds turned out so well! You can clearly distinguish my fingers and the overall general concept of the hand gestures I attempted. Even a random guy near our little towel set up came over and asked what we were doing with plaster because he was curious himself, he saw my hand castings and told me I did a good job; I thanked him for the compliment. If I were to do this project again in the future, I would experiment with other funky hand positionings and also pack the wet sand atop my hands harder to ensure a solid mold. Overall, I’m excited for the next upcoming art activities and what this class entails!


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