Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Alex Gonzalez


Today in class, I talked to Alex Gonzalez. He was a nice guy and I found out he was a first-year freshman like me. This was assuring because while sharing our imagined death stories today in class, everyone I met was older than me.  He’s 18, like me, a pre-film major, and we talked about hair dying for the most of the class time allotted. He has bleached hair as you can see in the photo above whereas I currently have blue and purple hair. I gave him some tips and tricks about achieving the silver/gray hair that’s super trendy right now. I complimented him on his distressed black jeans and I was surprised to learn that he cut them up himself. I love DIY (do it yourself) projects, so I was pretty impressed. He works underneath the LAX airport and said he basically does manual labor like pick up bags during his shifts. He commutes from LA to go to school, and I personally think that’s a long trek, although he told me its only 20 minutes without traffic. Obviously, a lot longer with traffic- up to an hour. Class time was coming to an end so I asked him really quickly what his way of death was gonna be for his landscape of a corpse project; he said he would die from eating too many Taco Bell food items. We all know Taco Bell messes up our stomachs! Find his blog here and a photo of us with a cute snapchat filter on his post.


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