Wk2 – Art Experience – Landscapes with a Corpse


For this week’s art experience I had to imagine my demise. Thinking about death isn’t one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes I think about what can kill me in my everyday life. As scary as that sounds, I figured I probably would die from drinking too many energy drinks or even too much coffee. My idea behind this setup of my death was me being at work and drinking well over a few cups of coffee, my body wouldn’t be able to handle that much caffeine resulting in me having a heart attack and dying. Essentially, I would be working and pass in the midst of my 8-hr shift; I asked my boss if I could use the office over the weekend to have a quick little photo shoot and she said yes, so I headed home to die! I like how my props behind me turned out, and especially like the further shot of me from the hallway of our office suite. The hallway shot shows a little glimpse of my “dead” body, so if a worker in the other office suites were to pass by they definitely would see my lifeless body from the little peak behind the receptionist desk. The second angle shot behind the desk shows my setup of all my coffee mix-ins and multiple drunken coffee cups. I imagine in my collapse I take down my stir sticks and coffee beans with me as they’re scattered on the floor behind me. Peep the colored hair! I had fun with the concept of this project, but I hope coffee doesn’t actually kill me anytime soon!


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