Wk6 – Art Experience – Zines & Flip Books

For this week, we had to make a zine. Originally I was pumped because I know a guy in my dorm building has made a few zines, and is pretty knowledgeable on the media- but when I actually went to make mine I had so many trials and error prints until I could properly position my words on the page! My experience was indifferent about this project really, I actually tried to make another zine with other poems I wrote about death. A dark subject, I know, but I recently lost a friend and all my emotions were still in sad mode. I found it too difficult to print out those pieces and decided to fix up some old poems I wrote about a shitty ex-boyfriend I had in high school and I produced this as my final product. In the future, I would like to make this one better by adding more pieces I’ve written, and I hope to finish my other zine when my sad mood has passed. It definitely helped that there was a zine showing in the gallery this week because I found these mini zines were the cutest, less paper use and I love using tiny fonts. Definitely trying this project out again sometime down the road.


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