Wk 9 – Art Experience – 2D Graffiti Painting

2D Graffiti Painting!

Okay, the way I attached these photos was in the sequential order of how badly I failed at doing this weeks art experience. I asked my parents if the had any spray paint and just by chance they had black and pink spray paint that I was able to use for this project. I originally went to spray paint bubble letters of my name and totally did not gauge my spacing properly and ended up just spraying “MEG” really poorly across my chosen surface. So I decided to grab some of my sister’s craft paper, tape it over my failed surface, and try to spray paint some cherry blossom trees because the colors I had worked perfectly (or so I thought). I also did this project by myself and nobody was home to take a picture of me doing the project so I took some selfie-ish photos and one of the first pictures has my spraypainted finger in the bottom of the screen. LOL! This project was fun, but I don’t think graffiti-ing is anywhere in my future.


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