Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – David Desantis

Exhibition Information

Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: Ink and paper materials

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: Instagram.com/rapturefineart

About the Artist

David DeSantis is a senior undergraduate working towards his BFA in CSULB School of Art’s Printmaking Program. He loves dubstep music and hard rock and drew a lot of his inspiration from those genres. He lives in Westminster and commutes to Long Beach for school. He originally wanted to be an artist who spent time drawing designs on motorcycles, but then he discovered fine art and embodied what he wanted to create for himself.

Formal Analysis

His art’s formal qualities are very fluid. Everything has some type of curve to it giving it a sense of movement. Nothing too straight or clean cut. Just like the beat of dubstep music, all his work shown seems to always be changing, flowing, rhythmic. His color profile, however, seems like he sticks to one shade of his chosen color. The samurai mask painting above shows how used red ink instead of his standard black.

Content Analysis

For DeSantis hi art is about making an object obscure, but to still make it recognizable.  Referring to the red samurai mask above again, he stated he wanted to embody the idea that once samurais go into war, their helmets represent a demon in hope to scare or intimidate their enemy. He never wants to be confined to follow corporate wants, which is why he became an artist free to create his own work.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really enjoyed David’s exhibit! When I was interviewing him, he mentioned he liked anime and I knew I chose the right artist to interview. I love anime and anything to do with Japan really. That’s actually why I chose his artwork because I saw the red samurai mask from outside the gallery and I was instantly drawn to the ink drawing. All his artwork was interesting to look at, and I thought his interpretations were all very clever. Go check him out on Instagram!


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