Wk 10 – Art Experience – Architecture & Urban Planning

For this week’s art experience, I had to redesign a popular foot traffic location known as “the wedge” in front of FA4. I’m not the most skilled person at sketching, so I decided to recreate the wedge on the popular virtual reality game, Sims 3. In the game, you’re able to build your own house and furnish it how you like, so I found it fitting to do it through this game. What I changed about the wedge is I took out the tree, yes it is old and probably has lived a long life, but it’s in the way. I removed the random railing to the right of the tree, removed the shrub to the left of the door, removed the column for easier access to the door, and finally repaved cement over the dirt where the tree once was. With these new renovations to the FA4 wedge, I believe it will provide easier access to the singular door that grants access to the staircase to reach levels 2 and 3 of the building. The tradeoffs I made at my site were simple, remove all the clutter to provide more space. Like I mentioned above, there is no more tree, railing, column, or shrub in my new design because, in my opinion, I think it’s unnecessary to be there in the first place. I would hope new students a year from now would only talk about how convenient the new pavement would be instead of complaining about having to walk through dirt or swerve around a column to get to a dang door. Hope you like it!




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