Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

Exhibit Information

Artist: Laura Lopez

Exhibit: Selvática (wild)

Media: Drawing and Painting

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

About the Artist

Laura Lopez is a grad student at Cal State Long Beach and is working towards fer Masters in Fine Arts. Her artwork focuses on drawing and painting. Laura is from Columbia and just recently moved to Long Beach two years ago. Before deciding to take her education abroad, she worked for a few years with her undergrad degree in architecture.

Formal Analysis

COLOR. That is the first word that would come into your head if you walked into Laura’s exhibit. Her canvases are so colorful they immediately grab your attention. She worked mostly with oil paint to achieve these creations of her take of the jungle. The vibrant color use contrast greatly against the large black strokes to outline trees and nature.

Content Analysis

Laura’s colorful canvases portray the Amazon jungle. She loves the jungle since she was able to visit there when she was 20. Her use of bright colors is to depict the vibrancy of the jungle. One of her pieces shown above has a white figure in the middle that symbolizes a white jaguar roaming the middle of the forest. Laura stated a white jaguar is seen as an animal that can cure sickness. She hopes the white jaguar in her painting can relieve students of worry who visit her exhibit in the middle of their school day.

My Experience

Instantly when I walked into Laura’s exhibit I was instantly captivated by her intense use of colors. I loved each painting just solely based on how colorful they are. One of her paintings are actually my current screensaver on my phone! After learning her pieces are a representation of the Amazon jungle, I can totally see her interpretation of it in her artwork. I really loved her work!




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