Wk 15 – Art Activity – Design Thinking applied to Life

For my first two design layouts, I took Glenn’s advice and did them as “Designing my life for me @ CSULB” because as a freshman, I still am not sure what major I want to decide on.

Currently I am an Asian Studies major, but I really am looking into changing it to Asian American Studies because there is no foreign language requirement which is what seems to be kicking my ass the most this first year here at CSULB. I feel so lost in my Japanese class which is very disheartening because I feel like that is my legacy. I am half Japanese and I’ve always wanted to learn the language because I am in love with the culture, but learning the language proved to be too difficult for me and I guess it never really “clicked” for me. Declaring as an Asian American studies major I still get to learn about issues involving AAPIs which interest me a lot, but I just would be free of the stress of Japanese class. I constantly wonder what my grade is in that class and I feel confident going into tests, and then when I get them back my confidence flies out the window. I really am considering officially changing my major to this, and this chart really helped me plan it out.

If I stick it out with being an Asian Studies major, I believe I will be very unhappy. Staying with Asian Studies means I would have to take one more semester of Japanese and just feel extremely dumb in class all over again. Talk about self despair. I know myself, and I do not think the Japanese language will ever come naturally to me. Staying with this major means a lot of my extracurricular time wold be taken away and be dedicated to getting a tutor or something to help me pass the class. I’m not even sure if I will be passing my Japanese class this semester because the Japanese department doesn’t post grades until your final grade at the end of the year. I am just so sad whenever I listen to Japanese in class or read it and I can’t get it right away. This chart helped me think about my final decision.

For my chart I actually did on a future careers I put first a videographer because my dad is one and I’ve always been interested so why not! For my second I chose an engineer. I know really nothing about engineering and I am not really sure if I can realistically see myself perusing this career, but I felt it was most convenient for me since I already work at an engineering firm. I figured I can slowly build my way up in the company and learn new things every day of work. I always want to learn new things, so I drew out this chart to plan it out as a back up career for me. If I graduate CSULB with an Asian or Asian American studies degree, I’m unsure what careers come out of that besides becoming a teacher. That is why I out becoming a teacher as my 3rd job choice.


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