Wk 15 – What I thought about ART 110 – Megan Maeda

Here are some funny photos that have resulted from this ART 110 class, some are failed photos from art activities and some are just from funny art I saw in our visits to the galleries. I honestly loved this class so much, and it really made me want to go to class. The convenience of slack and how fast Glenn responded to any mentions is really hard to find in a professor, n my own personal opinion. I also really loved WordPress, first off- it’s free! Who doesn’t love that, oh! same with slack too- it’s also free!! Anyways, WordPress was so easy to manage and even though my blog is nothing specifically spectacular to lookout with the layout, I feel it looks the best to what I could figure out on the behind the scenes of WordPress. Beachboard is boring and whenever I have to go check it, it gives me anxiety and stress because Beachboard holds all my grades. WordPress is 156463 times better because it allows you to have creative freedom.

My top three favorite art activities go in the order of zines & flip books, architecture & urban planning, and plaster casting. The zines & flip books art activity was my all time favorite project because I used to like little snip bits of poems here and there throughout high school and didn’t realize I stopped when I got to college. Maybe I felt I didn’t have time anymore or maybe things didn’t happen to me that made me want to write about it, anyways- I loved making my zine because it made me write a new composition. The zines are so cute and can come in a variety of different sizes and overall I just really loved them. The architecture & urban planning art activity was my second favorite because I always love the part of the Sims 3 game when I could build the family’s house from ground up. The redesign made me think outside of the box and really think about the overall outcomes of the changes I would make to wedge. I was excited to be able to use the build feature again on the Sims 3 since I haven’t had to play the VR game since I started college, so that was it’s first boot up since I moved to Long Beach. The plaster casting activity was my third favorite art activity because it was the first activity we did in class and it allowed me to go on a quick beach trip with my friends to complete the project. My plaster did not turn out exactly how I hoped my hand mold would have, but I definitely shared a lot of laughs with my friends throughout the whole process.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class because every week there is something new. You can really tell Glenn put his effort into every post, email, and video he sends out to his classes. I made a lot of friends I either see on campus and say hi, or we hang out often through the classmate conversations I had during this class. I met one of my best friends, Ceasar through this class who I eventually found out he is actually in the 1:00pm class! lol! To anyone reading this who is hesitant about taking a hybrid art class, really challenge yourself and take it! You will learn how to do time management with technology and learn how to use a bunch of different media platforms.


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